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abstractvt If opportunity doesn’t knock;builda door
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Was Very elated for the day so new My wardrobe described me

Questioning world

A small one on social issue. Hope you all like it.

Was Very elated for the day so new My wardrobe described me As a person so cute Stepped into the party as an angel Didn't knew about people Thinking devilish near

I trusted you blindly Coz you were my only friend But was completely unaware of vile intensions you had A beast dressed In beautiful attire My NO meant NO Which you assumed to be YES

Was drunk I agree But who gave you permission To drill into my body?

You made me bleed,you gave me bruises You killed my soul And made me feel so worthless You made me question myself "Ahh was I born For this plight not love instead?"

Just because you are a guy You claimed this your right Then you say"who asked you to wear such short skirt of my dumb bride?" Still fighting to stand up again But all the taunts I face Pull me back again

I'm a girl and Im proud of it Wearing clothes in which I slay Ask your sons to close your eyes on seeing me without dismay Yet today I'm forced to be quite I'm a sexual assault Surviver But i truly wish that beast killed me that day without thinking twice

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