Left alone
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abstractvt If opportunity doesn’t knock;builda door
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Hey you! It’s me I’m not your toy

Left alone

Hey you! It’s me

I’m not your toy

Please stay with me

Hey you! Boy

I understand

I have committed many sins

But please do withstand

Or will fall in some bin

I’m a human

Not a stone

Even I have feelings

Please, don’t leave me alone

Promise won’t hurt you

But please don’t ditch

Will always take care of you

But not that witch

You never treat me like your bae

Despite I always slay

You never listen to my say

And build castles from your own clay

Fine! I won’t bother you again

As you will never keep me in that embrace

You may consider me insane

But someday will yourself chase

I cried and cried

You were not there to wipe

But I’m still full of pride

As understood before I died.

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