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Hey you! Don’t be so rude Your actions hurt me

Heart break

Hey you! Don’t be so rude

Your actions hurt me

Plz try to contribute in my happiness

Not in making me weak

I trust you, this doesn’t mean

That you will mock my heart

Or will break it apart

I understand I’m not so important to you

But atleast can consider me sometime

For having a jolly question hour

I don’t want that you give all your time to me

But at least can make me happy

By saying things that I love

Don’t take me so lightly

Coz the day I will vanish

Your eyes will be the one that will have rain, indeed

I may appear as a toy to you

But I’m not to some other,the day I changed my path

You will be in constant fear and will find yourself in some bar

I can’t say I hate you coz of obvious reasons

But remember one thing I’m powerful enough

To break the handcuffs without any fear

The day I will leave you, you will be in dismay

Coz without me you will have a downfall

And without you I will have a flight up there

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