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Don’t grieve for me As now I’m a free human being

Experience of death

Don’t grieve for me

As now I’m a free human being

Walking on this path

Laid with beauty for me

It was written at my birth

And Is accomplished now

Do understand my worth

Which you didn’t, oh my sea cow

Couldn’t wish my loved ones luck

Before starting this journey

This flower got pluck

Before the appointment of an attorney

Could only see those faces

From an extent

Couldn’t take up there cases

At present

Hugs,games and kiss

Are the things I miss

Don’t take up heavy suitcase of sorrow

I bless you with a bright tomorrow

I’m leaving you all

But the tasks left undone

Must be taken into case

So that I’m out of that embrace

Don’t grieve for me

Just lift up your mood and recall me

God wanted me now

He just laid me free

Let me be the most memorable book

The book which is now closed

But not ruined

So just carry me with you to new moon

I love you all

And these days I will recall

When will rise you all

From up above this earth like fire ball

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