Dripping water
Dripping water soft stories

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It’s dark all around As if sun being in anger

Dripping water

It’s dark all around

As if sun being in anger

Left the sky lonely

Before time

Sky has become cloudy

Nothing can be seen clearly

Mother Earth must be thinking

Is again going to pour his anger on me?

Suddenly a thunder

And I quiver

Heavy winds start blowing

Making trees to dance, here and there

Now the water starts dripping

Gently on ground

But will take its pace

In a minute from now

Trees standing high

Appears as if In fear

Constantly trying to take a glimpse

What next will come from that sky down here

But the sky

with all its concern

Drips softly and gently

On this earth

Giving life to the small creatures

Making them happy

Kissing each and every flower

That yet in turn to blossom

After this shower

It appears as if every one being jolly

The air moving with brisk

As if dancing with cheer

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