Absolute certainty
Absolute certainty  love stories

absolutewreck an absolute madlad. who can’t write
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not a love story

Absolute certainty

the feeling of my body being fold, i’m out on these riverside rocks, and the water is murky and old, in my chest there is a bone cold,

something inside it knocks.

had i not felt the fire, perhaps i would have been better off, this feeling will not let itself expire, now i can’t see anything but fire,

my lungs give out in a cough.

there is a beating inside my chest, i don’t want anyone to hear, this pain begins to crest my choices weren’t the best,

at least that is beginning to clear.

your thoughts tug me to and fro, no one told me it’d give me distress, this harsh love continues to throe,

the only way i could ever choose no, is if there was no option to say yes.

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