Writer's block? Play this when you want to write but don't know what to write about!
Writer's block? Play this when you want to write but don't know what to write about!

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An Easy Poetry Game Anyone Can Play (srsly you need to play it)

This is a game I made up. I use it all the time to write poems. It's fun, super easy, and most importantly, IT WORKS!

Part 2 of this game involves creating a comic from the poem you write; this isn't something you have to do if you don't want to!

Writer's block? Play this when you want to write but don't know what to write about!

Step 1: Get paper and a writing utensil.

*Avoid using a laptop to type. There's a BIG difference in creative writing when comparing physically handwriting (shorter, more thought out) to typing (more words but quality goes down)

Step 2: Number 1-7 in a column on the paper, leaving space in between. This first set of numbers will serve to keep track of your music.

Step 3: Find a source for music that has a large variety (YouTube mix playlist, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music etc.).

You'll need to use something that has the ability to shuffle; it's important that you have no control over the songs

*Avoid using a premade playlist. The preselected songs might not offer enough variety in lyrics

Step 4: If you have 20 sided dice, great! If you don't, download a dice app on your phone.

Here's the dice app I use.

(I find that using two 6 sided dice (standard) and three 20 sided dice usually produces good numbers, but you can add more or less; it's up to you!)

Step 5: It's time to roll the dice and hit shuffle! Once you roll, add up the total number of all the dice and then convert that into minutes/ seconds.

Ex.: You have 6 dice that total up to 90, so that would become 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Step 6: Now that you have your timestamp, hit shuffle! Whatever song plays, go to that time. What are the lyrics? What is the singer saying at that timestamp? Whatever it is, write it down!

*You can always reroll your dice or hit the shuffle button again and skip a song if a problem arises

Step 7: Repeat this a total of seven times

Step 8: On another piece of paper, number 1-7 in a column again. Leave as much space in between as you think you'll need to write a poem.

Step 9: Now that you have your foundation, here's the challenge... The poem can be any length (there are 7 'lines' but a single line can be an entire paragraph if you want).

All you HAVE to do is use the words from your lyric list in the corresponding line of your poem.

Ex.: The lyrics at the timestamp of Song #1 were "I hate you" so that means the first line of your poem MUST include the words "I hate you".

*If it helps you, whenever you use the required lyric you can underline it

Step 10: Repeat this until your seven lines are filled and BAM! You just wrote a poem.

Want to turn that poem into a comic? Here's how!

*If no, you can skip the rest of this*

Step 11: Take a piece of unlined paper. Use a ruler to make seven panels in whatever configuration you want to, then number the panels 1-7 (which you can erase later if you want).

*In this example, I chose to split up some of the panels so there are more than seven. I only did this to give a more fragmented feeling in the scenes presented.

*Then I made the spaces between panels black, purely for aesthetic reasons. You can just leave the spaces white if you want

Step 12: Get to drawing! For each line number of your poem, draw whatever you can in the corresponding panel of the comic format.

You can draw a single word, the whole scene, or if you're stumped, just fill it with words! It's all up to you.

Step 13: Color it or don't. You can make this as clean and nice as you want or leave it as a sketch. This is practice, it doesn't have to be perfect!

And you're done! Good job- you just made a poem AND a comic.

If you do play my game, I'd love to see your work! Comment a link under this to show off what you created.

Attached are some examples of other poems/ sketch comics I've done to help you along!

Part of a poem I wrote (which you can read on my page: it's called "I love you (one last time)"

Here's the unfinished comic for I love you (one last time)

My other two poem + comics are up on my page!

One is called: "Can you become a ghost while you're still alive? Can you haunt yourself?"

The other is called: "My soul will rest in your embrace"

Have fun, everyone!

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