She Was A Flower...
She Was A Flower... sad stories

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She was once a blooming flower, now the flower is no more.

She Was A Flower...

She wrapped her soft tender arms around his toxic flaming body just to be struck by a harsh shock of lightning, and next minute for him to be gone.

Her tears and thoughts filled up prisons wondering “why wasn’t I good enough” she shattered her limbs, went to hell and back,

traveled into misery just to keep her palms in his hands but ultimately failed in her mission. Her once love of her life was the only person she wanted, the only person she needed.

To this day she sits alone in silent darkness and never ending questioning “why doesn’t this get better, why am I never okay?” He lied, he broke her, he hurt her, he killed her.

Her splintered and ruptured heart showed her that she doesn’t know what love is anymore.

She was a flower, beautiful one minute but slowly never looked after, never watered, always in darkness, gradually losing all its worth until there is no more flower.

He was the flowers caregiver, gave it all his love until he gave up and let the flower die. Let her die alone.

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