I Was
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abrightblur 🌊 Give me your heartaches.
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I was lost without you. You turned my world right-side up.

I Was

Though my face bears grin, I can’t quite smile. I’ve lost my touch within.

I walk the mile with crooked grace, on roads of the defiled.

A lifeless pace, the colors dreary, my slipping feet leave empty space.

And I am weary.

Just take me, slowly, from this pain. There’s nothing here for me to gain.

A mindless mind, an unstrung heart, the only things I’ve found thus far.

But weakness is no ally here, still shackled by my groundless fear.

And I am tired.

Until you showed me hope.

And I know I ask for more than much, for you to be my willing crutch.

But still you hear my mournful lies, my unfurled thoughts, my darkened skies.

Expression fails my foolish head. Oh the infinities I’ve left unsaid.

And yet I still try:

Your seamless song of silent seas, it takes me like the morning breeze.

A breath of life which breaks my strife and cuts my heartache like a knife.

A home, a life, a reason to be,

A need, a passion, my heart feels free,

A never should be next to me,

A grace from God, my silent plea,

My heart’s life-song, my only glee.

A fraction said of what I mean, but tell me quickly, can you yet see?

I love you dear, imperfectly, I love you like a raging sea.

I was once weary, I was once me,

I was once tired,

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