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This statement is false If it is, then it's true

Statement loop

This statement is false

If it is, then it's true

If it true, then it's false

And over and over,

Or not?

What about a loop?

What concept do i make?

Make them up?

A close chart

If A then B

If B then A,

It's never stop, and never halt

It's not a paradox

It's just a statement loop.

"you think you smart huh?"

"i don't know."

"don't say that!"

"say what?"

"say you don't know."

"but i does, i do not know."

"well you should know then."

"do i have to know?"

"eh, maybe."

"don't say you also gonna say that?"

"what do you mean?"

"you know what i mean."

"well i can't say no."

"so you know then."


"aren't you tired?"

"it's dinner time."

Hold on, isn't statement loop just different word for paradox?

No, is different. It's not the same.

So what's the difference?

Paradox is statement that denial it self. Statement loop is statement that looping between two state.

I didn't get it

Well, that doesn't really matter. Because statement loop it's not exist on dictionary anyway. I made them up, remember?

I still didn't get it.

Uh, statement loop is just meaning that alive. That's system maintain it self away from equilibrium of meaning.

What? What are even talking about?!

What i am try to say is. Statement is the same everytime, juts like if this thing's true, then it will remain true forever. But statement loop doesn't, they keep looping around.

I am confused, more then confused.

See, you don't have to understand, you just need to accept it.

I can't

I didn't say you should.

You say it before.


Silently walk away, without looking back.

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