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Do what you will


imagine a world where men, women, and children can be torn down for a slight movement of their hand

One twitch of a finger

Imagine being pulled over and asked to hand over your license and registration

But when you reach you are taken from the vehicle at gun point?

Well maybe not Not if your skin matches the man in the uniform

As you lay on the ground after being beaten to a pulp unlawfully you wonder "what got me here?" A wallet?

No Not a wallet Nothing is ever that simple Your life was ruined because of something you could have never chosen for your self.

Your skin, your race, the deep rooted ethnicity you were so graciously born into

Yet the man in the uniform saw fit to see that beautiful skin and blame it on the wallet. The reaching for the wallet to be specific. All because of a reach

You have to imagine? Oh no, no imagination needed because you live it.

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