before we say goodbye
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before we say goodbye, there's something i want you to know.

before we say goodbye

i hate you.

i hate that you don't hurt me on purpose, you don't even try. cause i know you'd never.

so i lie, to make myself feel better. i say i'm mad at a dumb guy, but i get sad before we say goodbye.

i say he didn't deserve any of my time, but i wanna be with you every day, and hear the way you say my name.

like those girls you say are just friends, until you fall for one, and then i'm done.

but i don't wanna be. don't you see? i wouldn't do it for someone i don't care about. i want you to call and ask me out.

but you don't know. how don't you know? i can't say the words, but it shows. you keep looking around, while i stand by your side. just open your fucking eyes and give me a sign. i’m still here.

will you jump or will you run? if i take a guess based on my past, i'll get hurt and upset. but i always hope for the best. and then cry myself to sleep. i don't deserve a love that deep.

maybe i wasn't made for that shit. so i daydream about one day being enough, and that's how i live. i'll never forgive you for this. i don’t understand how you could make me fall for you again.

and i hate that you can. i hate that i love you and can't see an end. i don't know what comes next, so all i really ask for is a chance. a chance for a beginning, that we know will last.

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