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Stranger in a strange reality

The stranger

I am blind of what was apparent to me

I feel strange to what was close to me

The breath of my breast has left me alone

Beneath my soles no earth nor fire

But a darkness like no other

Entangled in confusion caught in a net of locks hurt by the thorns of sin

How has this availed upon my soul

For my eyes stare up at the light but my reach so far i cannot grasp

For the Higher i swim the deeper i go

My heart pumps this darkness but the entrapment seems so pressured

For all around im trapped in darkness with no help around

How did i fall in this ocean of misery

Trapped under the throne of fire

What gatherings overlook in excitement as i play and suffer

Dragged deeper in an abyss lost of it self

Forgetting its purpose as i nod in sorrow

My eyes see its light as it shimmers above and my heart recognises this illusion

Which second sight sees but does not accept or sees nothing but accepts everything

He will never leave you but one must never forget

Strangers return in a form strange to one self

Lost in thought and dragged down by worry

A captive of his own confusion held in a valley of sorrow

One can be seen by the stranger who sees his lord

No illusion can affect once you tread the path of light

For it shines through your sight and pierces through your heart

Clearing the tangled net of doubt and allowing your soul to breathe once again

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