Beauty is a cruel mistress
Beauty is a cruel mistress mentalhealth stories

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The mind is the mistress you choose it to be

Beauty is a cruel mistress

Crueler then the gruesome darkness itself

Suspending a mind in frantic panic

Plauged by the energy of the unseen

Advancing quickly in a moment of vulnerability

Twisting and turning the knots hastily

The final blow on the knot seals one to slumber

But be careful of a powerful awakening

Pleasures only last as long as the mind allows

And permission only granted to whosoever obediant

Tie yourself not in a pleasing of others

As others control themselves and you yourself

Self is the embodiment of the universe

So feel the vastness and raw strength of the inner

For a mind once awoken is a stubbon creature

Perseverent in its own survival

Gifted with a yearning to see the light which sets it free out of this chaos

Stability is very near to a beaten and bruised heart

Just as Close as the tremors that set it apart

A Smile of light seals the fate of his existence and brushes away the pain as if it was never there

The reward of patience indeed flows like a stream of beauty as a mistress of hope

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