Waiting for daylight

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abimopectore Have you ever felt this way?
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Sometimes we want everything from ourselves, but achieving that would be too contradictious.

Waiting for daylight

I became too familiar with exhausted eyes

With silent night and bright stars

Patiently waiting for sun to rise

Where have you gone, my dreams?

Are you so afraid of me?

Are you so afraid of me? Of my heart?

Perhaps, it is because I'm awake but desiring to sleep

Oh, I wish things were simpler and not deep

Find me in my utopia where I am able to rest

Close my eyes and lay my head on someone's chest

No, I do not want to wake up in the middle of night

And write under poor and low light

Maybe I would choose that in another time

In another life,

In another life, with another rhyme

But not now,

But not now, in this silent night

But not now,

But not now, when waiting for daylight

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