The Day I Disappeared (2)
The Day I Disappeared (2) wolf stories

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The Day I Disappeared (2)

The day I disappeared

There was so much purpose in it

It was dark and covered in snow

My heart was popping

Like the bubbles in your beer

The day I disappeared

My jaw unhinged 1000 times

Eyes cried like stale wine

For something all too familiar

A stark "I told you so" mirage

The day I disappeared

There was no parking

My feet couldn’t hold me

I saw you act out your sin

My heart beat like a battalion

The day I disappeared

"You’re a dishonest mutt!"

All night thoughts like static-cling

These little resilient tears

Emphatically multiplying

The day I disappeared

I dressed red like a fox

To catch that measly hound

And I did boy I did, I did!

But it left me feeling sad

The day I disappeared

I craved the life of a spy

But then a guy shouted “hey!”

So I cursed this rancid town

And painted a self-portrait

The day I disappeared

“Thank god for hospitality!”

You said of these strangers

Their kind is prophetic

Beause they don’t even know you

The day I disappeared

All I saw was swine

Dirty kitchen sinks & TV sets

Rented out tenements

Fit to use and procreate in

The day I disappeared

You were the big bad wolf

I snubbed you in her kitchen

And I blew that tenement down

And that was the end

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