Abstract Morality Chapter 2
Abstract Morality
Chapter 2 art stories

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What was it then that pulled them apart?

Abstract Morality Chapter 2

Days like this came more often than not for the two men. The Next Day.

It was always lighter and clearer than the day before. There was a light-heartedness laden in the air that made the toil of the previous night seem ridiculous and comical.

The abuses that would transpire between them were so unbearable sometimes that the Next Day was the only thing keeping them sane.

They both would sit and reflect, over very strong coffee, the wounds they inflicted and sustained, each with a glint of madness still in their eye.

Each night the Outside Man would leave the Inside Man's one room apartment in a fit of unbridled rage and vowing never to return.

But the Next Day always brought enough forgiveness and grace to subdue both men, and they would find themselves together again, seemingly unaware of the pattern they were producing.

What was it then that pulled them apart?

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