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This is a fanfic of mine using MCU characters! Set in a alternate dimension where the other Avengers do not exists. This focus's on Clint and Coulson as the main characters.


!WARNING! Pictures include gore/blood. !WARNING! Pictures include gore/blood.

Clint Barton , other-wise known as Hawkeye, is known on all forms of the government's radar as one of the worst criminals-- and this was no joke.

People feared him. Feared for their lives, because every once in a while he might take a whole family out.

But usually, if they're lucky, he only takes out government agents/officials.

This week, the 3rd week of March, was different. Clint took a group of agent's life, but risked his own life at the same time.

Phil Coulson, an Agent for a top-tier part of the government known as S.H.I.E.L.D,

is sent out to hunt down Hawkeye, until his pal, Director Nicholas 'Nick' Fury, tries to pull him out of the dangerous situation.

With his team lying dead in front of him, Coulson must make the decision of a lifetime.

That week, Agent Phil Coulson, risked his life.

Risked everyone's life.

And if they die, their blood will be washed upon him, staining his hands.

Live? Or risk it all?

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