Nemesis - Chapter Three
Nemesis - Chapter Three clint barton stories

abigailthomas2 "Life, uh, Life Finds A Way" -Ian M.
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Third Chapter! I've gotten writers block so I've been stuck on the six chapter! I apologize if some of it is confusing!

-Much Love, ;-;;-;

Nemesis - Chapter Three


One Week Before The Incident

Coulson was told to gather a team. So he did. Twelve agents. Jemma and Leo wouldn't be coming along like the officials had planned. Coulson had made sure they never would come around.

Coulson was sitting in the conference room, waiting for the rest of his team to get their belongings ready. Coulson, most likely the only one, had packed lightly.

Only taking two pairs of clothing and a few personal belongings. Nothing much.

The team was headed to Canada. It was a shock to them, because a week before they got the notice that Hawkeye had struck again, he had struck in an ally-way close to S.H.I.E.L.D.

They only questioned how he got to places quickly without being noticed.

They were guessing he was rich, but no rich man that they knew of looked like Hawkeye.

They were at a loss, confused.

The doors opened and, surprised to see them there, stood Jemma and Leo. They walked over to Coulson in a motion of steps that were the same pattern.

Coulson rose from his chair and looked at them, smiling softly.

Jemma took a deep breath, looking at Leo. Leo was biting his lip, switching weight on his feet every few seconds.

"We came here to" Jemma looked at Coulson, holding out a box.

"Wish you a farewell and goodluck" Leo put a tinier box on that box.

"On the journey." The two tried giving an easy smile, not succeeding or failing.

"I promise I will come back alive." He took the boxes and sat them down on his suitcase. He then put a hand on each of their shoulders.

"A promise isn't enough, Coulson." Jemma let her shoulders drop. Her voice was breaking and shaky, like she could cry at any given moment.

"You're hunting down someone who doesn't care who they kill and who that person leaves behind." Leo looked at Coulson, eyes slightly watering.

The two looked down almost like they had planned it. "We can't lose you, sir." They whimpered, both holding back tears.

Coulson pulled them into a bear-hug, rubbing both of their backs. "I'll call you every morning and night, okay?"

"Lunch time also?" Leo mumbled, his voice quiet.

"Yes. We can have lunch like usual just over the phone." Coulson smiled a bit.

Jemma sniffed a bit. "Swear you'll come back alive."

"I swear." Coulson closed his eyes for a few seconds.

Jemma nodded and pulled away slowly.

Leo pulled away a bit after Jemma did.

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