Nemesis - Chapter Four
Nemesis - Chapter Four marvel stories

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Chapter Four is out, Y'ALL! I might go ahead and publish the fifth chapter also but since, as the last one said in the description, I am stuck with writers block I have no clue yet.

-Love, ;-;;-;

Nemesis - Chapter Four


The Incident

Coulson pressed himself against the nearest wall.They were too late. They already found Canada's S.H.I.E.L.D director dead, along with some other S.H.I.E.L.D

agents from different countries that were visiting.

Clint's breathing was rapid, there was no time to catch his breath. His eyes darted around quickly, trying to catch his breath. In his mind he thought; Alex was right.

I really need to take it slow on the running.

He had left the kids for just two days, promising he'd be back before they were even awake with souvenirs they had asked for.

He had the souvenirs. He had his ticket home. But he didn't have an escape plan incase of more agents came. Actually he did. But he didn't imagine them to be as good as they were.

Coulson looked at the five left standing agents of his and motioned them to press themselves against a different wall, spread out.

It was too late though. An arrow pierced through Flynn's chest, killing him instantly.

Clint slowly moved his hand away from his head, still unable to catch his breath. To him he thought; This is NOT the right time!

Clint grabbed his gun, crouching behind the bookshelf. He loaded it then peeked over his shoulder, shooting at them.

Coulson shot back at him. "James if you dare go away from the wall-"

James moved over to Flynn, shaking him. "FLYNN!"

Bullets rained down on James, killing him on impact.

Coulson looked away from the scene, eyes closed tightly. He shook his head. Seven down. Five left. Four not counting myself. He thought, opening his eyes.

Clint chuckled to himself. Agents were predictable. Especially if they seemed close as best friends. You can't live. No one can survive this game of hide and seek. Everyone dies at some point.

And they were lucky they died quicker.

They were dying at the hands of one of the best assassins on this planet.

He muttered a few unheritant words to himself, pulling the pin on a grenade and tossing it over. He turned his back quickly to shield himself, getting behind a bookshelf.

The grenade rolled over into the middle of the house, closest to the fire.

Coulson's eyes widen and he turned, covering his neck with his hands and crouching.


The grenade exploded. The impact threw Coulson into a wall, while the bookshelf had fallen over him.

Tap. Tap.

"Coulson!" Agent Barns looked at Coulson. "What's that sound?!"

Tap. Tap.

Then. With those last two taps, the house caught on fire, throwing them all around, knocking them all out.

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