Nemesis -- Chapter Two
Nemesis -- Chapter Two  mcu stories

abigailthomas2 "Life, uh, Life Finds A Way" -Ian M.
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Second Chapter!
Sorry if some of it is confusing! I've started to get more interest into JP/W (Jurassic Park/World) again, so I am SO sorry if I dont update this story much!

Lots of love,

Nemesis -- Chapter Two


Two Weeks Before The Incident

S.H.I.E.L.D was packed with higher-ups and was wild. The atmosphere was far greater than anything Coulson had ever felt in his entire life.

They had a lead on Hawkeye.

The busy streets of New York City couldn't even be heard over any of their footsteps. They were all excited for the same thing. They could catch him!

Coulson sat in his office after an hour of trying to even get to it. He had locked his door to keep them out and ended up silencing his surroundings.

He took his extra computer out, plugged it in to keep it charged, and clicked on YouTube.

From YouTube he typed in; "Walking In The Rain In Manhattan, NYC" Then clicked on the first video.

"Walking In The Rain In Manhattan, NYC (Binaural City Sounds) 4k Rain Ambience" by Nomadic Ambience.

Yes, he was a top-tier S.H.I.E.L.D agent. Yes, he listened to this when he was nervous, worried, anxious, or for work when he couldn't hear the outside.

No, he didn't feel homesick from not being able to hear outside. Okay, maybe that one was a lie, but still he was a Top-Tier agent, he needed a way to focus like the others. And this was his way.

Coulson turned it all the way up, scooted his chair back, and chuckled when a guy said "I-I forgot to write it in my phone!" He had heard that line so many times, yet it still brought him joy.

He went back to pulling files out of the file cabinet near his desk.

He let his tongue touch the top of his mouth and drop down, making that 'clicking' noise. He scooted back over to his desk and sat ten files down.

He began reading the top file labeled; "Agent Turner, Taura and Agent Knight, Bryde."

Both had been close to Coulson, as Coulson was close with every agent, but something about those two struck to him more, like Simmons, Jemma and Fitz, Leo did when he met them.

But that has changed now. That is in the past. Turner and Knight have been dead for five years now. Murdered at their shared Apartment by an arrow and bow.

Then the signature craving in the wall of his. A arrow.

He looked at the crime scene photos for the first time in two years. He grimaced when he saw the bodies. They weren't bad looking, not as bad as you would have thought.

But imagine an arrow through the ear like those hats. Yes, that is what it looked like, no blood either.

Coulson sighed and looked up when the door was unlocked and opened. Jemma and Leo, two of his favorite agents, walked in, closing and re-locking the door.

Jemma and Leo took the seats on the other side of his desk.

He looked closely at them and could instantly tell the worse. They were scared. Shooken up. They had joined because S.H.I.E.L.D had promised everything they could ever imagine.

They were scientists. Not people who could partake in what S.H.I.E.L.D did.

"FitzSimmons." He put the files down into a bag and scooted his chair in, leaning in and resting his head on his hands that were propped up by his elbows.

"Agent Coulson." The two spoke like they were programmed to speak at the same time. Usually, if they weren't speaking at the same time they were finishing each other's sentences.

It was like a power they had, even though they met in college.

"Are you two okay? You seem shaken up." He said calmly, his voice showed no sign of nervousness, no sign of anything but calmness.

Leo looked at his computer and turned the volume down a few notches. Both Jemma and Leo knew he listened to this, and both knew all the reasons why.

"We're nervous." Jemma spoke first, entwining her fingers into Leo's.

"About this Hawkeye situation. We're still considered new and we haven't found out much about it besides that he kills.." Leo held Jemma's hand tightly.

"Agents." Coulson finished for them, nodding slightly. "Yes. He does. But trust me, you're not in any data-base. Neither are you guys considered Agents."

"But he has killed anyone close or anyone related or just friends with Agents!" Jemma bursted out, hugging Leo's arm.

Leo put his other arm around her the best he could, sighing.

Coulson nodded, he knew better than to lie to them. "But you both will be fine. You're under my supervision and protection. No one else will die under my watch. Especially you two.

" He pushed his chair back and stood up, walking around the desk.

He opened his arms and Jemma and Leo stood up, both hugging him. Coulson held back a small sigh of relief, choosing to stay silent and say nothing that could possibly ruin this moment.

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