Nemesis -- Chapter One
Nemesis -- Chapter One  philcoulson/clintbarton stories
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abigailthomas2 "Life, uh, Life Finds A Way" -Ian M.
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This is the first chapter of Nemesis! I am currently working on the sixth chapter, but for now I will take my time. Sorry if some of it is confusing! <3

Nemesis -- Chapter One


Two Weeks Before The Incident

Alone. He was always alone. It didn't seem to matter how hard he tried. Everyone knew what he looked like. No one tried besides the drug dealers, murders, or any criminal that needed protection.

He granted a few protection, mainly young kids who had run away from home, or people running from abusive pasts. He was that way.

He may of killed-- killing important people-- but he had a heart. Even if no one saw it, he did.

The leaves were growing back on tree's, the grass was greener, more happy. Definitely happier than Clint.

He could hear the faint echoes of a car horn going off, living on the abandoned side of New York paid off.

Not much noise, but the only problem was kids who wanted to call themselves 'ghost hunters'. They usually gave him a good kick when he fired off his gun into the air.

Those nights were always the most he had laughed.

Another problem was that the government around, S.H.I.E.L.D, checks this area a lot.

Him and the kids have had to sneak into homes of peoples and stay there until Clint managed to check on the place, see if it was clear.

The chilled wind pierced his cherry-red nose and brought him back to reality. Breakfast. He needed to go steal something for the kids, he didn't want them out in this weather.

It was supposed to get even colder and rain. He had managed to get the heaters kicked back up and running in those buildings, drove anyone interested in the paranormal over though.

So there were some stains he had to clean up, of course. He didn't kill them, not counting those lunatics that came running in, pitch-forks and everything.

What was this? Some messed up story of Frakenstine?

He sighed and shook his head, zipping the jacket up. He looked over his shoulder when he heard footsteps and there was ten year old Johnny, running over to him.

Johnny had thick, long-ish blonde hair that was curled or braided thanks to the three young girls. This time it was straitened and looked ready to be cut.

"Before you go, we-I mean I- wanted to ask you for permission to cut my hair.. Sooooo..

" Johnny took a deep breath, he understood how Clint was rough on them at times, but knew he was one that didn't care as long as they weren't getting in trouble with the law or anyone.

"Can the girls cut my hair?"

Johnny was related to all three of the girls, he was the oldest. Catherine and Martha were the middle children. Cat being eight and Mars being six. Jackie was the youngest of them all.

She was a four year old and Clint usually took her with him when he went out shopping.

But this time she was staying with Eli and Alex, both seventeen year olds who volunteered to watch her finally.

Probably because Clint had complained about them needing to watch the kids more often while he was gone.

Clint nodded, giving a smile. He knelt down to Johnny's level and opened his mouth, the words falling out instantly. "Just don't go bald."

Johnny laughed, shaking his head. "Bald?!" He continued to laugh. "Now why would I want to go bald? That's for old men like you!"

Clint 'gasped' "I am offended! I am not THAT old." He couldn't help but smile even more. "Alright, bud-" He put a hand on Johnny's shoulder. "-If you guys need anything, call me.

Any type of snacks or anything."

Johnny nodded, smiling. "Bye Clint!"

Clint stood up. "Get on back inside that place, it's freezing outside."

Johnny turned and ran off back inside.

And with that Clint turned to go shopping. Again. Lord knows how much he hated this. He didn't mind being a father-figure, but he sure did hate having to go out shopping.

Especially in the cold and wet. But he didn't want the kids out. It was his duty, and his duty only.

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