Get Out Alive ~ Part One
Get Out Alive ~ Part One  get out alive stories

abigailthomas2 "Life, uh, Life Finds A Way" -Ian M.
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E L I J A H is the first chapter of "Get Out Alive"
(Originally his name was Joseph but I was working on this at school and theirs a Joseph in my grade and I started thinking that it would be weird.)

Get Out Alive ~ Part One


Elijah stared out the window at the Costa Rican beach, the water sweeping away the sand and bringing it back. His hand found itself running through his blond hair.

He was half Costa Rican, his other half was German.

His father was a German man who had come to Costa Rica for a new start of life, where he later on met Elijah's mother who was full blooded Costa Rican.

They had met at the beach Elijah was now watching, a midnight walk. Though his mother was out there crying. His father, surprisingly, walked right up to her, sat down and hugged her.

Neither understood each other's language. It was a barrier to them. So instead they'd point things out.

Elijah learned Spanish and German because of them, then later on when he was 15 he learned English. One day his parents got in a fight about the dishwasher being broken and what they should do.

Then it escalated and went into actual important things, which in the end his mother walked out.

His father stayed in Costa Rica, raising Elijah.

Elijah snapped back into reality and turned, walking out of the little office room of his fathers. He closed the door softly, making sure to make it look like he had never opened the door.

His head snapped up towards the clock on the wall in the hallway.


Five more minutes until his father walked through the door saying he's back from work.

Elijah sighed and walked into the kitchen where his step-mother, Olivia, was cooking.

"Elijah!" Olivia smiled, she spoke in Spanish, her accent was far from being that of a Hispanic person.

Olivia grew up in Washington in America, where she and her four kids traveled to Costa Rica for a vacation. Her kids weren't all american either, but they were all younger than Elijah.

Emilie was the second oldest of them all, she was 15. She had more Netherlands nationality in her than American but nonetheless she looked more like her mother.

Emilie had curly black hair, green eyes, and was pale. Almost exactly like her mother.

Next was Sebastian. Sebastian was 12, full american, and looked like, what Elijah suspected, his father. Sebastian had straight dark brown hair that was always a mess.

His brown eyes had a few white tints here and there, and then he was tan.

Then there was Kyong, or as everyone called him, Ky. He was only eight, but tall for his age. Ky was pale and thin, with blacker hair than Emilies. His eyes were a pale green.

Last but not least was the three year old, Tanaka, but most call her Tana. Tana was pure black, where she got from her father, her dark brown eyes were almost black.

She had dark brown hair also, that when wet it looked black but if the sun hit it right it looked light brown.

Elijah nodded to Olivia. "Mom." He smiled, the English words falling out. He hated speaking English, it just didn't feel right on his tongue.

Olivia smiled back. "English today, I see?"

"More like gibberish. American language is com-con-confusing?" He hated it when he couldn't pronounce one of the words correctly.

Elijah moved a piece of bread onto a pan, then slipped it into the oven to heat up.

Olivia laughed. "Oh, I suppose it is. Can you go see what your siblings are doing?"

Elijah nodded, "of course"

He turned around and walked out the front door, just as his father came walking in. Elijah looked at his watch. 5:23. He sighed.

'I guess the pattern is broken.' He thought to himself. His feet were padded down as they touched the sand. He began walking down to the beach.

A smile slightly fell onto his face as he saw Kyong and Tanaka. Tanaka was sitting on the sand where the waves would gently brush up against her.

Kyong was under an umbrella, reading. He looked farther down and saw Sebastian chasing the family dog, a welsh terrier.

'Emilie must be in her room again' Elijah sighed and sat besides Kyong. "How's the book?" He looked over at him.

Kyong looked up, placing a bookmark into the book.

"jeongmal johda. jigeumkkaji-" (Really good. until now-) He was speaking Korean, which meant he was excited. Sometimes it meant he was scared/terrified.

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