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"Perhaps - just perhaps - IT thought this was amusing" Cruel Intentions starts with a young boy being locked in a cell with some of the worlds smartest and strongest hero's trying to break down their new prisoner.

Cruel Intentions

"Perhaps - just perhaps - IT thought this was amusing"

The Avengers are caught on with a new horror as they find out that their new prisoner they had just captured is something they never knew existed - but then again,

No one knew the real truths of the world.

Robert was raised as a human up till the age of two when he was taken away from his dying town by these creatures for experiments.

He agreed to many things. On one condition:

They never, ever betray him.

When he allowed them to modify him to be more like them - he expected to look like them, but instead he stayed the same but was blinded in one eye,

given his other to help inhance his intellegence and mind, the way he thought - who was good and who wasnt. With every part of him that disappeared it was replaced by the scraps of the fallen.

But Robert was no more.

Being named after the four that took him in - the last of the last, they changed Roberts name to Skaro.

How will the Avengers deal with this mishap of a kid who has lived many long painful years under the influence of these creatures?

How will they overcome this large gap.

Before a war starts between them, they must join sides.

But what happens when they do join sides?

Will the intentions of both sides..

Turn Cruel?

Stay tuned for:

Cruel Intentions. (AU of Doctor Who/Avengers!)

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