Cruel Intentions - One
Cruel Intentions - One doctorwho stories

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Cruel Intentions.

The Avengers are faced with a troubling conflict as their newest prisoner turns out to be un-human.

Cruel Intentions - One

"What are you?" Tony mumbled, pacing to stretch his legs from the long hours of trying to put the DNA together with a name.

He found his eyes back at the screen as he watched the human-look-alike.

Of course some parts of the human were metal, one blind eye and the other an electric blue surrounded by copper colored metal.

With both arms being metal - able to switch to weapons and all with the command of their mind - and not to mention it was smarter than them all combined.

The clothes it wore weren't simple either - it wore clothes that would prove its leadership.

A white dress shirt with a gold-colored waistcoat with black markings that - in some foreign language that took Loki long enough to figure out - spelt Skaro on the back.

His pants were also part of dress pants - being black with a gold-colored belt.

His shoes were also black with gold bottoms - Tony had stared at it to find out long enough that it was actual gold - but it seemed to be another type of gold.

"Maybe," Bruce cleared his throat. "Could we consider asking this one time?" He shifted on his feet, having been standing for too long as he was too worried to sit.

"We can't get anywhere in that room without it shooting THROUGH the glass!" Tony crossed his arms as he looked over at Bruce, before sighing. "Who would even go in to ask?"

Bruce shifted again, the pain in his feet appearing again after they were put back on the ground. His mind raced as he knew one thing; It probably didn't like Tony.

Tony had been the only one to first talk to it - and it was fine talking, but then Tony's big mouth got the best of him and it began shooting at him.

Tony had been trying for hours, each time being shot at. But everytime the thing never left the cell. Perhaps - just perhaps - it thought this was amusing. "I can..

" Bruce said, the spark of confidence leaving him as soon as he said it.

Tony, already in an agitated mood, agreed and handed him a gun - even though they both know Bruce had Hulk.

He patted his shoulder and began to walk farther down the basement with Bruce trailing behind, taking his lab coat off. "Tony, mind taking this back up with you?"

Tony looked over as he unlocked the high-tech security door to their cells, nodding towards Bruce as he held a hand out for the lab coat as he got prepared.

"Dr. Banner;" Its metallic voice filled the stone-cold atmosphere as soon as the door cracked open.

With his hands shaking, Bruce handed his jacket to Tony and opened the door the rest of the way. Sucking in a fresh batch of cold air, he stepped inside and the door was closed behind him.

"Hello;" Bruce spoke with his usual soft voice. Shifting his glasses up by scrunching his nose, Bruce walked forward and stood ten feet from the cell. "May I ask you some..

Questions?" He looked at the ragged form hidden away in the corners of the darkened cell.

"Perhaps turn on the lights and the heater; It is quite cold.

" The voice swung out from a different corner now and Bruce realized it to be the speaker hidden in the top right corner for emergencies.

With a quick timid nod Bruce rushed off and flipped on all the lights, flashing himself with the brightness.

Closing his eyes for a few seconds to recover, Bruce opened them again and turned on the heater and found the chair he was needing.

He took it and took a seat, watching the creature sit up from where it was. Its legs were crossed as it sat on the floor.

The slick white hair had become slightly messy but nonetheless the creature made due and had found a way to braid a strand of it to help keep his hair down like a headband.

"Who are you?" Bruce finally asked. The first question to get out of the way - so he didn't have to keep calling it and not a name.

"Skaro;" It said, watching him in an observing way. "My name is Skaro. You won't find me in records at all. Even with my real name.

" Its eyes fell down to the ground before being picked back up to observe Bruce's nervous demeter.

Bruce sat up a bit more as he looked at it. His eyes dropped to his hands like he had a clipboard to write it down. "Age? Gender?"

It stayed quiet for a while as if trying to remember something before a humming sound occurred and it's voice was back inside the cell and not the speaker.

"Perhaps three hundred fourty-seven years old. Male, that is- If I can even have a gender," It watched Bruce more. "You can already tell I'm not human, Dr. Banner.

So how am I even supposed to know what my gender is? And if I am correct," It paused for two seconds. "I look and sound masculine; but for all I know I could be female, or male."

Bruce nodded a bit as the awkwardness filled his tense posture.

He looked back up and found the cold blue eye of it staring directly at him - but now it was standing up,

showing its full six foot four slim frame to Bruce as it proceeded to walk to the side of the broken glass that Bruce was on.

And as it did, all confidence in him disappeared and he wanted to leave as soon as possible. "What are you?" He blurted out. And the words fell to the ground in the thick silence.

"Many things," It spoke after stopping at the glass. "Human.. Not Human.. Immortal.. Dalek.." it shrugged. "I'm Skaro, that's all I am positive on,"

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