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Sometimes it feels like it would be easier to not exist.

Little moments make being alive worth it.


Sometimes we think we know all that life has to offer. We're born, we go to school, we go to work, we retire, we die.

And hey, maybe we'll have a couple kids along the way. Maybe fall in love once or twice. But it's the same basic story, over and over.

This makes life hard to stomach. You know all that's coming. And while one day, you may settle down and find some sort of contentment, none of that seems worth the struggle.

The moments of pain don't seem worth the life story you already know the ending to. Especially when you truly believe it is impossible to be consistently happy.

But then, life surprises you. It gives you little moments of unexpected and complete joy.

A sunny day in the middle of a sharp October. A compliment you weren't expecting from someone you don't know. Discovering your new favourite song.

And in these little moments, it's impossible not to think If you'd given up on this life thing, even a little earlier, you would have completely missed them.

Moments, like the feeling of pure love I get in my chest when I see someone I care about smile, are ones I don't want to miss. These moments are what I live for.

And in these moments, I never regret being born, never regret any decision that led me to the place I'm in.

Because if I'd done anything differently, I never would have experienced the ecstasy life can bring In the the smallest of moments.

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