The Dumpster and The Trash
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abidakadri I like to write :D
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Will you join me with my dim candlelight to tell their tale before it lost into the night?


The Dumpster and The Trash

Are story takes place in the town of Cornell,

As cute dumpster was alone in cold allay that night

It was around 8 o clock I believe

That beautiful dumpster was nesting to sleep

but before the lonely dumpster could drift away into the night

A loud thug sound awaken the dumpster out of sleep

"Who is their" the dumpster cried out

From within the dumpster a small voice echoed out

"It is I, the sad Trash. I was left here to not be burden to those around me, as I stink like no other trash"

The sad trash was not wrong, as the dumpster could inhale a strong pungent scent coming from within

The Dumpster replied

"by golly, you do stink like no other trash."

The trash replied

" I am sorry, if I bother you with my smell. I shall leave in the morning, please let me stay here as the night brings me chills and I will surly perish out their "

The dumpster quickly replied

" You are no bother at all beautiful trash. I am honored to have a rare trash like you in my mix. You may stay here as long as you wish'

To all who stumble to the end of this story

I am afraid I must apologize as their no more to tell,

as no one knows exactly what fate lied ahead that morning

For that smashing dumpster and trash in the town of Cornell.

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