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Sometimes it takes us time to open all doors that lead to our heart.

Source: Humans of Bhubaneswar

by Humans of Bhubaneswar

"The most difficult phase of my life was when I lost my mother. It happened back in 2004 when I was still a teenager. It was a crucial stage of my life but her sudden loss made it painful for all of us, especially my dad. He was not only working but also supporting my brother and me mentally.

In order to reduce his burden, we started helping him with the household chores. But my dad would still want us to focus on studies. It took us some time to make peace with the entire situation that she won't be coming back. It was not easy for anyone but life had to go on.

One year later, my father got married again. However, we both were still not ready to accept her as our mother. Initially, we tried to be rude and arrogant to her on purpose. To our surprise, she never misbehaved with us and kept dealing with the situation in a calm and composed way. In all these years, what I overlooked was her indulgent and forgiving attitude.

I couldn't fathom why was she being good to us when we're nothing but disrespectful to her. Slowly as the fog lifted from my eyes, I started to respect her for what she had undergo. I also apologized for everything that I had done to her.

As I moved on further in life, I got into a college, started focusing on my studies and this gave me an opportunity to gel up with new people. After I got a job, I also made sure that my brother does not have to ask for money from my father.

I even started talking to him more and more eventually to understand about his ambitions and feelings. Even though I have never been an expressive person but I knew, that it was the least I could do for him. Through all these ups and downs, it was my best friends who helped me to get over my grief.

I always feel that there is an unspoken bond between us because there are times when I do not even need to express everything but somehow they tend to understand me.

Today, I believe that life is full of uncertain events but what makes it beautiful are the moment of joys that come along when we least expect them."

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