Words which remained in me...
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A Story of a boy who couldn't speak

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Words which remained in me...

by Abhishek Rajak

Whenever I think of you my mind gets deep into it and I suddenly laugh at myself thinking what the heck I am doing, ruining my life for this stupid love.

No, I have to overcome it…but somewhere in my feelings you always stay and if those feeling cross me again, I will miss you.

I think it was better for us to break up at that moment because love is freedom and I didn’t want to hold us in this cage which has lots of sacrifices.

I know it was hard for me and you but we have a long journey to plan,

the right choice for you was to shift to London with your parents and my choice was make sure that I wouldn’t come in your way and your future.

You have what you wished for, and I am happy about that. Maybe it will take me some time to overcome this but I promise that I will never cross your path again….

I don’t know why am I writing this but writing this makes me feel lighter.

I still remember the days we first met, it started from a fight between me and you for just a limited edition pen and meanwhile, a lady came and purchased that…it’s been 5yrs since then.

From school to our intermediate we stayed together and between this somewhere we started loving each other. I wish I could see you but without letting you know.

I pray to God that wherever you’re & whatever you are doing may God guide you because “ab teri galtiyon ko apne sir nhi lene wale hum”.

I know you’re better than me in every aspect and I never saw a girl like you before.

I hope that I will meet you someday and I wish for it and yes! I bought you that limited edition pen with our memories printed on it. You’ll get it soon…

The day you left for London there was only one thing that reminded of you here, it was Mr.

Lambi baahon wala, which we planted together on environment day but now it has been uprooted for making a new complex mall…Huh…

Lastly, I wanted to tell you something before you left…I don’t know I should write this or not but I am suffering from blood cancer,

the doctor said that there is very less time for me maybe some days. I am still happy that you were in my life.

And I pray to god that if he gives me second life I would become something that you will never want to lose whatever the situation is.

Mom and Dad both are crying like children, it’s not their fault and by the way one day everyone has to go and my ticket got confirmed very soon.

So my journey ends here…In fact, I have to plan a new journey to heaven…MOM AND DAD I LOVE YOU more than anything else but sorry that I didn’t say you about Akanshya.

She deserves a second place in my life after you both…

Today I am feeling happy but I want to cry loud in my mother’s lap I don’t want to leave you all alone or maybe I am feeling alone.

MOM….DAD if you find this Text file please don’t let Akanshya know about this, maybe she would lose her focus.

I wanted to tell all these things you in words but you know that sometimes mind and heart both don’t work properly and if I force them I will burst into tears.

Good Bye MOM, DAD, and AKANSHYA may god bless you and please mom and dad don’t cry or I will miss you both when I will be watching you from heaven.

Last but not the least please plant the tree I brought from the park it’s something that I want to grow tall and sturdy and provide benefits to all people standing near it….

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