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A Love story that was predicted...

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predicted love?

by Abhishek Rajak

Life’s too short, We can never predict our future and even if we can, it’s impossible that It will never change…

As I try to remember, I think, spring season was on its way and I was sitting under a tree reading a novel until a sweet voice ran through my ears from behind.

I was so busy that I couldn’t even try to look who she was and by the time I gathered my senses, she disappeared.

After that day, it was very difficult for me to complete my novel because my eyes were searching for someone whom I don’t know.

Days were passing and still I was mad looking for her until I heard her voice again and it was the day I met a girl named Nisha…

Your eyes were deeper than the ocean, they kept me hypnotized whenever I saw you, Until one day you came a little closer to me.

My heart started beating faster than usual, all I could see was you and a voice, “could you please help me lifting these books, they are too many”.

After that day we became friends and day by day we came a bit closer to each other. We both were happy, but weren’t aware that happiness does come with sorrows…

I still remember that you asked me a question that how much I love you, I know you knew the answer so I refused to tell.

And when I asked you the same question the words you said still ring in my ears…

And yes, I still sit under the same tree when I heard your voice for the first time, and you also knew that whenever I felt sad,

I sat under that tree…So you named that tree by your name so that if I sit under that again I must feel happy…

But as I said happiness come along with sorrows…It was 7th February 2016 and I was waiting under that same tree with a surprise for you, yes, I was going to propose you but you never came.

The other day I saw a news that a girl named Nisha met a car accident near Children’s park…I stood still, looking at the news headlines, many questions ran into my mind.

My heart could not believe what happened, everything went silent and a single drop of tear ran down my cheeks with a cold and sad ending…

Now, Its been 3 years since that incident, I was sitting under that same tree so that you would come again to make me happy,

your answer still ring in my ears when I asked you how much you love me, you simply replied: “Even if I die I will be loving you,

So whenever you feel sad sit under this tree and I will simply come in the form of a pleasant breeze that will kiss your forehead and say, No worries, I am with you…and I always be”.

“She was both everything I could ever want…

And nothing I could ever have…”

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