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Chapter 1:-Introduction {This is just a fictional book so do not take this seriously although Germany was divided in to two but they both were good}

Sherlock of Germany

Chapter 1:-Introduction

{This is just a fictional book so do not take this seriously although Germany was divided in to two but they both were good}

In 1983 Germany was divided in to two,the west Germany and the east Germany.The west Germany was bigger than the east Germany.

The east Germany lacked the two most main things to rule a country , food and weapons.In the other hand the west Germany had everything to control and rule their country.

But the east Germany had a detective,a really clever and brave detective,his name was Richard.

Richard was know as the Sherlock Holmes of Germany not only in east Germany but in west Germany too.

He had solve a lot of cases like the murder of Remus Lupin {I wrote this name 1:- because i love harry potter and 2:-i could not think of a name} and the robbery of East Germany bank.

Chapter 2:-Prime minister need's my help

Richard woke up early in the morning and he went to the nearest grocery store and bought some potato chips for him.He went back to his home and started watching movie and eating chips.

Richard was in the middle of the movie when someone knocked on the door of his house.He paused the movie and went to check who it was.

When he opened the door there was a man standing there smiling.The man had brown eyes and black hair and he looked about 23 or 24 years old.

He said "Hello The prime minister of east Germany need's your help" Richard thought it was odd that someone is just standing outside your house and says that the prime minister needs your

help but then Richard said "who are you?

" The man smiled and said "sorry i did not introduce myself to you,

my name is Andrew and i work for the prime minister of east Germany and our prime minister need's your help so if you would like to help our prime minister please follow me"Andrew took out

a card and showed to Richard who looked at the card and finally said "take me to the prime minister".Richard followed Andrew and saw the most luxurious car he had ever seen.

It had a flag in which there was written "EAST GERMANY" and it was plated with gold.From the inside well the car was exactly as any car.

Chapter 3:-The most difficult task

The car finally stopped and when Richard went out of the car there were guards wearing small armour and holding guns and some of them had damaged guns.

Richard again followed Andrew and Andrew took Richard to a door,he knocked at the door and a very heavy voice said "who is it?".Andrew said "Andrew" the heavy voice then said "come in".

Richard entered the room it was the biggest room he had ever seen and there was a rather old man sitting over in a chair.

Andrew bowed to the man and he was about to say something when the man nodded and Andrew once more bowed to the man and he left Richard and the man alone.

There was silence then the man broke the silence and said "I am the prime minister of the east Germany and i want your help.

Richard nodded and the man started again "I have been getting threats by the prime minister of the west Germany and my spies in west Germany are also saying that they are planning to

take east Germany in their control and right now they are making a army" Richard then said "so?

" There was an awkward silence then the prime minister said "i have the location of all the places where the West Germany are making their army so i want you to wait for the right moment

and blow all the places"Richard's eyes opened wide and he said "look i am a detective not a secret agent and why don't you make your best man do it and also this is crazy a lot of people

will die because of this.

The prime minister hesitated and then said "I asked all of my best men and they all were too scared so i had heard you are very brave so i thought you could do it and we have no other choice

you do not know the prime minister of west Germany,he will kill everyone over here if he takes control of east Germany and you are our only hope"he wiped a tear of his face.

Richard then said "It looks like you really care for your country so i will help you and tell me the plan".The prime minister smiled.

Chapter 4:-Richard goes to West Germany

Richard climbed the wall that separated east Germany and west Germany with the help of a policeman while the guards of east Germany distracted the guards of west Germany.

He went to the first location and he took out a c4 out of his bag pack and sneakily planted the c4 on the back wall of the building and the 1 hour timer started.

There were total 3 locations and he did the same with the two left buildings and all the bombs were connected to each other so they would blast at the same time.

The best thing was that there were no houses,flats,shops etc near them so not that much people will die.

He climbed a building and watched the time and saw that there only five minutes left for the bomb to blast and he closed his eyes for 5 minutes and !!BANG!!

The bomb blasted,the sound of the explosion was so loud that Richard who knew the bomb will blast also got scared from the sound.

Chapter 5:-Richard gets a surprise

He closed his eyes for 10 minutes and when he opened his eyes he looked at the wall that separated east Germany and west Germany and he could see east Germany from the top of the building and

he saw that a building was on fire he ran to the wall and he climbed the wall with the help of a chair and there were no guards they might have went to know what the sound was of.

He found a cycle on his way and he sat on the cycle and started cycling towards the building on the fire and as he got close,he realised that it was the building where the prime minister was.

When he reached near the building he could have not gone in it because it was all on fire.

He saw Andrew,

he ran to him and asked him that what happened to the prime minister Andrew pointed to a building and said "He is hiding over there" Richard then started running to the building but

then Andrew said "stop!

do not go over there she is over there and she will kill prime minister and everyone who is there in that building"Richard shook his head and started running toward the building again"

Chapter 6:-The anonymous lady

Richard entered the building and saw loads of dead body's.He checked a lot of rooms and there was no one in the room or there were dead body's.

He went in to the last room and saw a young woman standing near a lot of dead body's including a dead body of the prime minister.

Richard screamed what have you done to our prime minister the woman smiled then said "Sherlock Holmes of Germany,

it is nice meeting you i have heard a lot abou-"A lot of guards with guns came behind Richard and one of them said "it's over lady surrender now!

" The lady said "ok" and one of the policeman came to arrest her but she ran very fast to the window and jumped out of it.

Richard went to the window and saw down the window and there was no one there.She had escaped.

After some time Richard and Andrew had a talk and Andrew was voted to be the next prime minister but he told Richard that I do not deserve it you deserve it and he was scared that was going

to happen now.Richard relaxed him and told him that when i blasted the buildings in west Germany,almost all of their weapons were destroyed so now east Germany would be more stronger.

Then they both attended the old prime minister's funeral and promised to kill that lady.

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