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by abbyy

It's a violent, internal battle, with no allies.

You feel like everyone would be better off without you-that it would be better if you just shut up

You're alone in a crowded room, desperately trying to catch your breath

I just needed someone to say "You'll be okay"

You'll be okay.

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An excellent explanation it's very hard to explain just how you are great job

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@bernardtwindwil Hi! Thank you for your comment, I honestly wasn't expecting someone to even see this. I wish you the absolute best with you overcoming any depression in your heart. Always remember that no matter if the world seems to be against you, that you're worth more than the stars in the sky. Jesus loves you.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
I have said things like, "Everything is going to work out, You're O.K. just breathe. don't worry buddy, I got your six" At first I didn't know I was lying. Later I knew I was lying and said it anyway for the temporary hope it could instill. I have seen what people go through with depression. I have been on both the winning and losing sides of suicide. I am genetically upbeat but I have been depressed. I am sure it is nothing at all like you describe in this poem/essay on depression. Is there really anything besides medicinal therapy and psychotherapy that helps with the psycho and physiological ravages of depression. Depression seems epidemic. Your fine definition and in your face description were courageous and I am sure someone will benefit. Thank you for writing this.