What Kind of Peace?
What Kind of Peace? peace2016 stories

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What Kind of Peace?

by abbyohmystars

What kind of peace is found in a stream?

Babbling, bubbling, rushing, and clean The same kind of music you'd hear in a dream

What kind of peace is found in a forest?

Great beasts sleep and abandon their prey Who are relieved just to have lived another day

And somehow the screeching and shrieking at night That erupts from small creatures does not sound unkind

What kind of peace is found in an ocean?

The birds in the sky, the waves, the tides The ongoing flowing of everyday motion In a place without time and without commotion

What kind of peace is found in the world?

People of all types, places, races, and ages Tell their stories and fill up the pages In a book of old that only the world can hold.

United these people stand, each hand in a hand And they know they are safe and loved in this land.

Maybe we'll find this kind of peace, sometime or another Till then we must learn to love and protect each other.

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