Voice from the farthest
Voice from the farthest stories

abbasshabbirCommunity member
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This poem makes you nostalgic and drooling over the wonderful memories of the past and makes you feel the pain of them not living again but with a smile put up at the end which will last more if one really uncovers all layers and discovers the meaning within.

Voice from the farthest

A dream you can't capture,

A thirst you can't quench.

A time you can't hold,

A bus you couldn't catch.

A book which you wished it never ended,

A rain which you wished to be everlasting.

A sensation you cannot fully relish,

An infatuation so unfathomable!

A moment worth a thousand universe!

'Wish I could seize them all!

But where's beauty in that!

For I choose to live as a bruised man

Rather than a soulless god!

_Decaying soul

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