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For anyone whos held their silence to long

The Truth

Pain, that's the most vivid memory, I relive it every night.

The fear, the fury, but most of all the pain.

He broke me, I can never let it go.

Some nights it's just flashes.

But others it's like I'm still there.

I can feel his grip around my neck.

I remember how I screamed.

How I clawed at his hand for him to free me, how I begged him to let me go.

I remember when everything went black.

Waking up to him inside me, the feeling of disgust.

When the pain rushed over me I was too numb to feel it.

I can still feel his hot breathe on my face, it smelled of cigarettes and beer.

I still feel his filthy hands on me.

I remember wanting to die, so I wouldnt have to live with what he did.

But he was too much of a coward to kill someone begging for death.

Every night I see his face, there is nowhere to escape to.

So when night falls I try my best to stay awake, because in my dreams I'm never safe.

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