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❝They say love is blind,it just happens like anytime, anywhere and with anyone.❞ But are there any rules to imply that we shouldn't fall for a particular person?

Affair With Step

❝They say love is blind,it just happens like anytime, anywhere and with anyone.❞

But are there any rules to imply that we shouldn't fall for a particular person?


I,Ayesha,was like any other girl of my age until I met him,my step Krish.

My life had been simple when he came and it all changed;my definition of love and everything changed.

He turned my life upside down with no back or delete button.

With him came a turn in my life where the things I was supposed to do weren't the thing my heart desired.

It's the time when the heart and mind disagree with each and it's the time when I felt love.

The love I had craved for.

Catch up this journey of forbidden love with me to know what will I do.

Will the mind overpower my heart?


Will the heart conquer the war?

Chapter 1 Meeting My Soon To Be Father*  ------------------------------------------------------- Here I was sitting in a corner seat of a coffee Shop with cinnamon brown walls in the interior. It had been our favourite hangout place for  a while now.I was waiting for my darling friend Isha and she hadn't turned up yet. God,what shall I do with her? Probably nothing. I sighed. It's been twelve years to our friendship and she has been the same.Same old gossip girl with her laziness sticking to her like anything. I remember how we used to wait outside her house for about five to ten minutes watching her wear socks,shoes and all her stuffs while her mom used to literally take circles around her and scold her for getting late. "Sorry,sweetie got caught up in the traffic you know"she said breaking my trance when I smiled again. She's still cent percent same with her cent percent same excuse. "Can't you even get a new excuse to support you.Same old excuse of traffic,"I said,shaking my head. "No seriously.Anyways leave it so how's it?Ready to meet him?"She asked me playfully to which I rolled my eyes. "Well yes, unfortunately unlike other girls of my age who meet there soon to be grooms for themselves,I have to meet one for my Mom."I said annoyed when Isha placed her palm on  mine. "Chill sweetie it's fine just meet him once yaar for your Mom."She said. I nodded and took a sip of my extra strong black coffee.Isha was a beautiful young girl in her twenties with jet-black eyes,fair complexion,big lips and long wavy hair. Soon I bid her bye and sat in my car. It had not even been three year to Dad's death and my Mom found someone for her. They used to be like the classic lovey-dovey couple and then after not even three years to his demise,she found someone else for her? This makes me sometimes doubt if she really loved Dad.Or perhaps this world has nothing like the one we term as 'true love'. Well it's only in the fictional world that they exist. The love where you love someone unconditionally and their death or life doesn't matter for your love to fade. ❝For Love Is Selfless ❞ As they say in them. My car halted at the big mansion owned by my soon to be Dad. Well him being the big shot businessman,I had seen his pictures and all but still it was our first face to face meet and I was really not interested in meeting him. I entered inside with the servant who led me through the way to a big hall where my mother was sitting with him,Mr Arnav Kapoor. The house was quite big and royal.Interiors were really impressive and why won't they be after all Arnav had been one of the youngest billionaire's of his time. I went towards them when my mom came towards me and hugged me.I hugged her back and soon got apart when he came to us. "Hi Ayesha,I am Arnav Kapoor"he said forwarding his hand. "Ayesha Aggarwal here"I said forwarding my hand. And then we had a good lunch at his house with him and Mom romancing and I rolling off my eyes.At the moment she was making him eat as in come on doesn't he have hands? "Arnav eat it yourself na"said my mom blushing. "Umm,It's damn tasty when you make me eat it"he said while pecking her hand. 'Oh My God, can't they at least stop in front of me?'I thought. "Ahem,Mom I gotta leave for my boutique so bye guys catch you soon"I said leaving from there. "Take care of yourself hmm.Byee"she said while breaking the hug. "Hmm,It was nice meeting you Ayesha,"he said while bidding me off while my mom hugged me. "Same here Mr Kapoor"I said and accelerated my car. Soon I was out of his mansion. Hush! I would have died if I would have been there any longer. *****************************************

Chapter 2 Fatty like Ambani?*  ------------------------------------------------------- Here I sat with Isha waiting for her to stop her laughing session.But it felt as if there was no end to it. "Will you now please stop laughing?"I asked getting annoyed when she paused for a while and then again bursted out into fits of laughter. I glared at her but damn she is not stopping. "Oh my sweetie got stuck there with the love birds.I wonder what your face would be looking like at that time ."she said whilst again laughing out. "Tell me once your done"I said getting up from my seat annoyed when she held my hand. I sighed "Sorry but I can't control myself."she said while controlling her laugh. "Yeah yeah laugh na my whole life is only a god damn joke.First dad left and now after less than five years to his death,mom has found someone to marry again and to top all this,he is a stupid cheesy person"I said frustrated. I palmed my head and looked down at the table when Isha stopped and placed her palms on my shoulder. "Hey sweetie it's fine and why are you so annoyed yaar....Come on aunty is so young she might also need someone after uncle and when she is getting one atleast try and give him a chance.Maybe he is not that bad and annoying as he seems now"she said making me understand. I nodded positively whilst giving her a small smile.She smiled back and leaned on her seat. She has a point.I should atleast give him one proper chance.Maybe he is not that bad. But that doesn't change my opinion of him being cliché,but still he maybe not that bad. I was busy thinking this when there came my Mom's call.I picked it up and talked with her. "What happened?"asked Isha sensing my foul mood. "You know what,I just wanna..... Wasn't he himself enough that he had to have a son as well?" "Now I bloody have to meet his son and guess what it's a weekend dinner at his house.My freaking weekend is also spoiled"I said angrily while Isha chuckled. " think so much.By the way he might be of our age most probably.A hot young guy....just go and meet him girl.Who knows you might end up crushing on him."said Isha. "Oh please me and crushing on his son!You know I am damn sure he would be one of those fatty businessman's son like Anant Ambani.Hot and he....they won't be having any connection far and wide."I said while laughing at my thoughts of how that fatty person would look infront of me. "God knows Sweetie"said Isha playfully and I slapped her shoulder. "Acha now come out of his dreamland and let's get going.Don't forget that we have few designs to work on."I said and we soon left from the cafe. ***************************************** So here my second part comes to an end I hope you guys are liking it? And Ayesha.....she is literally stuck. Also her soon to be brother....the fatty businessman.looking forward to meet him. Acha now bye. This is it for today.

Chapter 3 Wish to Never Meet Him*  ------------------------------------------------------- Next day I was on my way to my boutique. Today we had some important work over there and I was getting really late so I was driving not so decent  when my car bumped with something-a car. Wait but it wasn't my fault.These moron drivers I tell you. I came out of my car and waited for the other person to come out as well but what one came instead a honk was heard indicating me to remove the car from their  path. I got annoyed and made my way towards the car.I slapped lightly on the window indicating him to open it. Soon it opened and I looked up gasping at the person.There stood a guy with those intoxicating pair of hazel brown eyes. I kept looking at his eyes when he snapped infront of me bringing me back to where we were.Before I got to say something,he threw bundle of notes on me. "What the....Excuse me"I said when he looked at me again. "Take this money and leave my way.I have got lot of things to do rather than an idle person."he said looking back in front. "Excuse me what do you think of yourself?just because I am not saying anything doesn't mean that you will keep on speaking shit about me."I said. "Yeah yeah as if"he said shaking his head. It bloody offended me.I mean how can you talk shits about me even before knowing me? "You..."I was cut by him. "Okay whatever now please take this money and leave"he said and before I could say anything I got a message,an important one from my work. I had to leave from there so I moved back to my car and left from there as anyways talking with him was a total waste. "Such a jerk" I thought. "I wish this is the last time I am meeting an idiot like him." ***************************************** And here came the most unwanted weekend. I dressed up in a red skin fit long gown and hair tied in a bun at the back.I looked up in the mirror and saw my  brown eyes looking dark with the perfect stroke of Kajal and mascara doing its work pretty well and then there was this red lipstick on my lips making me look perfect for the dinner tonight. I was about to leave home when my phone beeped with a message. "All the best sweetie and yeah do give him a chance once for your mom and yeah he might be hot and handsome." I rolled my eyes while reading the last line. "Never Ever" "I am damn sure" I went out with my clutch bag and got in my car.Soon I reached his big mansion.I was led to the backside of the mansion where there was a big garden which at the moment was decorated for our dinner. I was looking at the beautiful table decorated with candles when I heard my mom from my back. "Ayesha"she said and I turned to find her with her fiancé. I smiled and she hugged me. "Hey how are you Ayesha?"I heard uncle say and suddenly I remembered Isha's word. I greeted him back warmly thinking upon her words. "Acha now let me introduce you to my son"he said and I smiled nodding. "Krish....Krish"he called and soon we heard a voice from inside. "Coming dad"said the voice. "Till then let's sit on the table now"said uncle and we went with him to the table. "Here he is"said uncle looking behind me. I turned my eyes but I wish I hadn't for there stood he....the same person whom I had met few days ago and the guy I had wished to never meet again. "You"we both chipped in unison while the other two pair of eyes looked at us shocked. ***************************************** So how's it? The idiotic jerk is her soon to be step? Oh no....what will the poor Ayesha do now? Wait to know.

Chapter 4 *Acting According to Stereotypes*  As said- ❝Life is full of surprises and not all these surprises are pleasant,so you need to be ready for what life brings❞-I required to be prepare for this surprise. This surprise was indeed not pleasant.Infact it was....worst.Having that asshole as my step brother,was like too much for me.I stared at him with my eyes wide while he was also doing the same. 'Why God?Why?Why you have to do this all the time?' Everytime I think of giving him,Mr Arnav Kapoor,my soon to be dad a chance,you have to bring something. Why? Now how am I suppose to give him a chance when I know how much of an asshole his dear son is?Bloody doesn't even know how to behave with someone.Totally Ill-mannered. 'Big businessman's son' suits his jerky attitude. I was brought back to the mother Earth when my mom called me. "Ayesha....Krish you guys know each other?" She asked us with surprised look whilst the same was the expression on Mr Kapoor's face. "Yeah mom... actually few days we met came across each other."I said while avoiding the topic. I had seen how happy she was with Mr Kapoor and I don't want to create tensions between them because of this idiotic son of my soon to be dad. "Nice meeting you again Miss...."said he smirking at me. "Ayesha Aggarwal"I completed him with an attitude while he smiled. 'You....such a jerk'I cursed him under my breath while flashing a fake smile at him. 'Looks can be deceptive' I smirked thinking. "Acha now let's get to the table....I am very hungry now"said my mom pouting while we chuckled a little before sitting to eat. We were eating with Arnav and Mom asking me questions about how my work was going on while he was busy eating his meal and at times looking up to be in the conversation. "Waise Krish has some really good connections in this line.He knows some of the best designers so you can ask him for help anytime now since he is  your soon to be brother"Arnav said patting his son's shoulder. 'Yeah as if....I will ask this jerk for help'I thought smiling at Arnav and Krish. After lunch we were sitting in the garden and talking when Krish left to take a call and I sat there alone with the Oh-So-much-in-love couple. I excused myself to the washroom soon enough.I came out of the washroom and was walking my way towards the garden when  I bumped into someone.I looked up to find him,Mr Krish Kapoor. "Sorry"we both chipped and I  was about to leave. "Sorry for today and that day as well"he said  and I perched at my place.I turned back. "Actually I was in a hurry and I had this stereotype that people here in India are always out with tricks to get money from people and I thought..."he was cut in between. "You thought that I was also there to get money from you and you were in hurry as you said so you thought to come out straight.Right?"I completed him while he held his head hung low. "I am sorry but I had this stereotype you know out there in New York I had heard this only about people over here"he said reasoning. "Then you should also be a cheat right?As in you are also an Indian I guess. Aren't  you?"I asked crossing my arms infront of my chest. "I am sorry"he chipped. "Leave sorry,first change your habit of acting on the basis of those non-sensical stereotypes made by others.People in India are not always cheats."I said and left from there. I sighed. Having fools like him in my house,I will surely die out of irritation. ************************************************* So here ends another part of this story. I hope it was fine. Poor Ayesha.....why her life is like this my God? Also Krish.....what a fool he is? I mean if someone else has some presumptions about something,it should not be the factor for your presumptions to build.

Chapter 5 *Getting Ready for 'The Engagement'*  Never in my dreams I had thought of this day....the day when I will get ready to attend my mother's engagement. Yeah they are already engaged but not for the whole world right? And -'how on Earth can a big-shot businessman be engaged without a grand engagement party?'mom had chipped whilst telling me about her engagement plan. if I care what she does?I just don't understand why these big celebs have this life which they life more for others than themselves? As in come on someone got engaged simply with something grand or not...Why do others have to give a shit to it?It's there bloody damn personal life. Having been born in a businessman's family with a simple father like mine,I really didn't like these show off and all. I was glad that my dad took a nice decision to not take over grandpa's company like a king but work for someone else as a simple employee and stand on his own two feets. Anyways here I stood dressed up in a mint green coloured lehenga with black blouse and silver work on it.It had beautiful silver dupatta with it. Anyways it wouldn't make me better for as it is I am attending my mother's damn engagement and that's enough as a reason to annoy and spoil my mood. I got down and called up Isha. This girl...I tell you. As soon as my mom told me about it and I was about to deny giving an excuse of work,she happily agreed and chipped that it's fine and has great timing since we have nothing important at that time lined up. I remember telling my lungs out after my mom left whilst she stood flashing her tooths. Idiot her So here she was ready in beautiful red crop top with blue dhoti pants.She looked beautiful in it I must say. "Glad you aren't late this time otherwise I would for sure left you."I said to which she smiled. "I had to after all it's my bestie's dear mommy getting engaged"she said. "Also there's a hottie there and it's not good to make some hot handsome hunk wait"she said winking. I rolled my eyes. This girl I tell you. I remember how she searched him out on net as soon as I told him his name and about all the fiasco.She was literally gaping at his hot pictures posted on Facebook. I mean there I was telling her about all the things that happened....all the things and here she instead of calming me and taking my side was busy checking that jerk out. But that doesn't mean I didn't see some of the pictures when she in between had left to get both of us coffee. He is hot....I must admit.Okay but he is also a big jerk.Krish Kapoor is a big jerk... ************************************************* So here ends the next part as well. How was it?? Excited for engagement are you? Isha is cute I must admit. And Ayesha she saw his one. And she even admitted. Something's brewing isn't it?

Chapter 6 *Mother-Daughter Talks*  Soon we made our entry into the Engagement Hall.Must say as much chaotic was the entry gate for the businessman's wedding it was,the inside seemed unaffected by it and a soft music could be heard in the background. "Ayesha,my darling"came a familiar high pitched voice. Here came my mom dressed up in a beautiful ombre pink designer silk lehenga.The make-up was perfect making her look like my elder sister instead of mom. "Jeez mom you are looking so beautiful.I mean you look like my sister"I said hugging her whilst she smiled. "Thanks my child by the way you are also no less....I guess someone of the guys are gonna have tough time today"she winked playfully at me. She took me to a side then.Here we were in a room where a big dressing table was placed with sofa on the other side.Looking at the dressing table fully occupied by the makeup equipments,it was clear that this room was the bride's makeup room. She made me side on the sofa which had french windows on the side and the cream coloured walls with beautiful paintings on it.I looked at her when she took a deep breath. "Okay I know I am very late with this and I should have talked and discussed with you before but....sorry sweetie I was so busy settling up my life that I couldn't just think about you.Beta(child) coming straight are you happy with this marraige?"she asked me looking intently in my eyes. I smiled and took her hands in my palm and asked,"First tell me are you happy with Arnav uncle?" She nodded to which I smiled squeezing her hand. "If you are happy then I am happy as well"I said and she hugged me. "Thanks Sweetie.I was really worried...I didn't want to lose a daughter like you"she said caressing my cheeks while I smiled and placed my hand above her hand which was tested on my cheek. "Acha now let's go.Everyone would be looking for us"I said and she agreed. We reached the place and Arnav started discussing something with mom when I excused them to the drinks counter. "One blackberry ombre sparkler"I said to the counter boy and waited for my drinks. I smiled looking back at mom and uncle on the stage.They looked happy together and probably I should be happy as well.Isha is right,she deserves to be happy and she has the right to move on. "Here it is"said the counter boy making me turn towards him.I smiled and took it. I turned taking it in my hands when...I bumped into a hard chest and whole drink spilled on his yellow sherwani.I looked up chipping an 'I am sorry' when I saw him,Mr Krish Kapoor with my eyes as wide as saucer. ************************************************* So Here ends another Chapter. Guys I have been getting frequent messages to increase the length but guys this story has been designed this way as in this story and Casual Fling will be having short parts only as planned till now. Still if you want then tell me I will increase the length a bit.

Chapter 7 *Is He Committed?*  °°°°°°°°° "I knew it from the beginning itself that you have some eyesight problem.See today I have got proof as well"he spoke pointing at his stained sherwani. "I am sorry"I chipped. "You should be.By the way enjoying?"he said smirking. He is such a jerk "Yeah, ofcourse"I said and left twisting my lips whilst I could hear him chuckle. 'I guess it's his favourite task to annoy me.'I thought and went looking for Isha. I found her coming from the washroom area.I made my way towards her whilst she is doing the same.Wait she is smiling brightly.Why?Let's find out. "You know Ayesha,I saw him in the wahsroom area.He is so hot and handsome.Man,I can't stop thinking about him.I think I am in love"she squealed. Whilst I rolled me eyes.It's I guess this is the hundredth time she has fallen for someone.It was just two days ago she had broken up with her latest boyfriend and now she has again found someone.She kept on praising him while I kept nodding when we were interuppted by the announcement. "Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating this auspicious day with us.I am really grateful to find someone like Anita in my life.So here we begin with the ceremony"he said and soon I was called upon stage followed by Krish;and they exchanged their rings. Soon,the dance floor was set up with music. Few actors were also called up and they were dancing.I was standing in one corner and looking at them When Isha made her way towards she upset.Why? "Hey what happened,are you fine?"I asked,placing my hand on her shoulder. She nodded. "Just that I got crushed again.He has a girlfriend I believe,"she said casually. "Okay,I know it wasn't serious from your part as well,"I said smiling and she nodded. "But still he was effing hot yaar"she said and I rolled my eyes. I looked at my mom and my soon-to-be father,romancing up on the stage posing for pictures.I was so irritated when Isha kept praising him. "...and here he is in here.Over there.Just see him yourself though you have met him before I know"She said and turned me towards her while hissing these words lowly in my ear. I looked up to see her direct towards the same idiot jerk whom I hate the most,Krish Kapoor,my soon-to-be stepbrother.Wait he was not alone like I had met him over the drinks corner;he was with a girl.And I must admit she was really beautiful like the top models in the magazines with good height around 5 feet 9 inches tall with a radiant charm on her face. They were coming hand in hand;and I was just looking at him shocked.She is so beautiful how did she got with a jerk like him?I feel so bad for her. Poor her I was busy thinking this when Isha finally shook me and I came back and realised real reason I was at first looking at him;Isha had asked me.Wait that means he is the guy Isha had seen in the washroom? How can someone like him? ? Isha and now this girl who was holding his hand right now whilst talking with some people who I believe were his business partners. And moreover why didn't she tell me that it was Krish?She  knew his face,right I looked back at Isha with an annoyed expression on my face. "Are you seriously?You like him?"I asked her, exasperated. "Yeah and sorry I didn't tell you earlier ki it's him.I know earlier I was also not that impressed but personally right now he is looking so hot yaar"she said casually. "Unbelievable,you...Do you know he is such a jerk and moreover he is that asshole of a step brother I told you about and you like him?"I said,making face. "But what can I do see he is so hot and moreover that girl with him.You know she is the leading model right now,Cristina D'Costa."she informed. "Whatever...he is a jerk.I just don't understand how did he even get a girl like her?"I said looking at them smiling and talking to them. "You are impossible Ayesha.I doubt if you even are women.How can you not like such a hot,handsome and at the same time cute guy like him! "Isha said ************************************************* Do comment and tell me if I need to make some changes as in anything that you don't like.Also,for sandhir fans on Facebook I will be posting sandhir version of it on Randhirian. Tbc

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