"Story Of Library " (part - 2)


Library " (part - 2) librarian stories

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"Story Of Library " (part - 2)

Now I wanted to know his name, his life, each & everything about him. I wanted to know him.

But how?

Then I noticed the librarian. whenever anyone went to the counter for issuing any book or novel, the librarian always called him & handed that work to him.

I had understood that what I have to do now?

So I went to the counter & asked the librarian to issue a book. Then as I already knew, she called him by his name..

'Heaven', his name.

As I heard this name, I felt like a real paradise. His name was exactly as like his face. Such a heavenly feeling, I felt that moment, seriously I have no words to explain it.

He came there, he looked at me & then he took that book from my hand

My mind went completely blank

the librarian was gone already, I was continuously staring at him.

As he opened that book for seal, my heartbeats started running faster.

In the front page of the book, he found a note written by me.

I was so tensed, my hands were started shaking.

He silently put a seal, took that note and returned the book back to me. He looked at me and then he went from there. He made me more nervous. I went to my table and I was just looking at him.

Oh gosh, he was reading my note.

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