Narratives Fool. Fools Narrative.
Narratives Fool. Fools Narrative. stories

aaronsanz Community member
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Narratives fool. Fools narrative.

Narratives Fool. Fools Narrative.

The balancer’s eye has seen a lot. The brains running dialogue. The line between self created and outer influence. These shades. Everything conspires yet nothing connects.

The way one sees themselves vs the different reality in which every other soul views one. I️ play this game. It may ruin me.

Their isn’t a language for these things I️ feel. Just a long list of insecurities and illusions in which I️ can not tame or give in too.

I️ may be just a face painted clown, a joke. In the eyes of of all of these souls. But in my eyes I’m something so mythically different.

This tug of war is all day long. This is my battle. My armor is cracking. Will I️ becomes the narratives fool.

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