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Beautifully broken Broken beautifully Sitting in my mind A world of narratives Open your eyes Their open I’m still here I never move Only in dreams Maybe that’s enough

My narrative files are a mess I can’t keep up I play this game What is real and what is illusion Problems stacking in my brain Blocking my vision Or saving me

You know your journey You cross your bridges before you get to em What scares you the most? The truth The illusions The simple I can’t seem to draw this line I never brought a ruler to school oops

What is playful, what is dark? Am I haunted or am I haunting myself Loneliness over time manifested itself What is real and what is not My gift, my curse

I go up and down this elevator tending to these narratives Alone Friend, I need you. A voice to clear the air Take me to a better floor I’m trapped I don’t know what is real Self creation, outer influence

They rumble like thunder in my brain I want to feel that fresh air I want to believe Will I lose myself in letting go That is the fear That is the word That is the world Fear

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