“Intemperate” stories

aaronmorseCommunity member
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Can you see?


Laquacious tendency’s may ascribe,

in abeyance,

a seemingly unctuous personality.

A much suitable illustration; as is or could be defined here in this manor of speech.

Is it clandestine exemplification? A ruse?

Deliberate distortion done to directly detour disposition in order to achieve

... what ...

no answer is afforded here too obviously.

An act of applying apparent alliteration as an attempt to allure, OR, genuine?

Frugal attempts to depict something so unknown, less be too understanding of that exact statements substantive role.

Off topic yet relatable, depiction, is it not also the development of perception as it is the dissolution of the same in attempts to figure it all out?

To digress it’s an order of the individual, not to the degree of responsibility less it be in the exchange of potentials, to decipher within themselves.

Truly, Roy

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