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Streets acrowded with ones like me Minds broke, nothing to give


Streets crowded with ones like me

Minds broke, nothing to give

This isn't where I thought I'd be

Surely not a way to live

The day to day driving me mad

But keeps me from that waters edge

Holding on to all I have

Closer to that fateful ledge

"Hey, Romeo" you said that time

Don't tempt me with such a tale

Lure me into a lover's crime

The curse comes to the ones who fail

It happened that night, where this begins

You were impossible but somehow here

I knew at once that you'd be in

Man my ship, now you can steer

The moon and stars were the showcase

Every night I lied with you

Tracing down your lovely face

My vision of a future grew

Lines I wrote in ink displayed

Your skin, your touch, magnetic stare

The promises and plans we made

Never can or will compare

I read it now, and God, help me

You're eating me from inside out

The greatest fear has come to be

My echoed, ruined lover shout

Now I writhe as I withdrawal

Tearing to a million shreds

I used to fly but now I crawl

A thousand cries ring in my head

I slide from boy to a man

Knowing you will haunt my dreams

Make a choice, take a stand

Or watch myself float down the stream

Romeo was lost like me

All he saw was the bitter end

Take my hollow heart to sea

Read the message that I send.

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