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It’s quite amazing to watch a movie with a slight twist at the ending.

It’s like those cliché glass shattering memes you see almost everywhere.

You can really enjoy a plot twist when it is right in front of you the whole time.

Though at the back of your mind, you expected it.

It feels accomplishing to confirm it from the writer’s perspective that, “Yeah, you had an excellent idea. Might be good for a plot twist.”

These subconscious acceptance plays with our fragile mind that we are part of something. That we are somehow above the status quo.

Why do we feel some sense of accomplishment from it?

Is it because we get tired of those overused “fin” moments?

The boy marries the girl of his dreams.

Some hero was finally acknowledged and respected despite the odds.

A war won.

A war lost.

It feels good when somehow, something out of the blue takes the stage and leave the audience with an awe.

It is gratifying to see these events unravel before our eyes.


My life is not a book.

It is not a movie either.

It is not a song. It is not a painting. It is not some finely written obituary from a widely respected newspaper that people read while having coffee.

It is a mess kind of situation where some guy throws some random collection of wild events and compile it so that he can call me “alive”.


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