The Monster Under My Bed
The Monster Under My Bed monsters-under-your-bed stories

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My entry for the Monster Under the Bed Contest.

The Monster Under My Bed

A knightly sword, a kingly crown.

A wand, and magic hat.

A castle dream and fantasy.

A closet in the room.

There, my mind imagined things

that I could never see.

There, my mind imagined things

that I could never know.

Through the closet, I went and

when I returned I was a noble knight,

an heir to the kingly castle,

or a wizard to lead the way.

But darkness fell and the castle turned.

To the doorway, I returned.

Opening the closet door.

I stumbled into my room.

I closed the door with care.

I know it.

I did check.

You could ask me a dozen times.

The door was closed and locked.

But I lay my head to rest.

Pulled the blanket to my chest.

Thump Thump Thump

My eyes opened wide.

Shh Shh Shh

I pulled the sheets above my head.

Rustle Rustle Rustle

There was something under the bed.

I turned to face the wall.

Covered from head to toe.

Not a bit of flesh

for the monster to see.

I trembled in the night.

Watched the shadows

move in fright.

Waiting for it to leave

but it kept me in its sight.

A knight in the daylight.

A mage at twilight.

And a coward in the night.

Is this a way to live?

To be truthful to my kingdom?

To stand in glory in the light

But cower in the night?

When the monster rages.

When the darkness surrounds.

and all feels like its lost.

When I'm alone in the darkness.

Deep in the bleakness.

What would it truly cost?

To stand up to my demon.

To beat the darkness back.

Perhaps my life...

But what would it matter!

If fear forever holds me back.

Perhaps it's worth the risk.

So I took up my sword

and went to war

with the monster

under my bed.

And we fought through the night

Till up came the light

And the monster now was dead

And my fears had gone and fled

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