A letter to Commaful
A letter to Commaful poetry stories

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Thank you so much. You have taught me to believe in myself and in my writing. You have given me the courage to spread my poems and stories to the world. Thank You.

A letter to Commaful

There was a time

When the future seemed dim

When I looked to tomorrow

And it seemed I was blind

With dreams in my head

With stories in mind

I set my pen to the paper

But thought it was wrong

How could I be a writer?

A poet?

An author?

How could I write something

The world would be willing to read?

But then I found Commaful.

It was the first.

The first light upon my poems

On my stories and tales.

I never showed another.

But it gave me the courage to do so.

I'm sorry I've been absent.

But It was because of all of you.

That helped my dreams come true.

July 19 is when it begins.

I've written a blog.

I've created a wattpad.

I've made a trailer.

I've started a book.

But in truth.

It started here.

Where I found the courage.

To show the world.

What I can do.

Thank you.

July 19, 2019 -------------------------------------- Wattpad: @AaronAugust Blog: earthsdecay.tumblr.com Twitter: @AaronWAugust Instagram: @AaronWAugust Thank you for your support For your kind words. And love. And everything,

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