things coffee-addicts understand

aareineckeI like to swim in coffee.
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things coffee-addicts understand

by aareinecke

1. you don't get why people hate the color brown

2. you can't handle slow walkers

3. they should forward your mail to starbucks

4. sleep is the enemy

5. if money can't buy happiness it can buy sanity

6. time is for milking

7. your best friend rocks the whole loyalty thing

8. your pulse is a track star

9. you count quarters for that pumpkin spice

10. you never sleep alone

11. you know you're just as strong as your brew

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10 months agoReply
This was clever and humorous. My wife puts coffee ice cream on blueberry pies. To me, it is an anathema. You did a superb job with this tongue cheek treatise that is also hauntingly real to coffee addicts. Great job!!!! Post more. I love these.

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10 months agoReply
Haha true 😂