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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Don't you ever just wish for something. Like if I were rich I would pay my credit cards, buy my parents something nice, pay my tatas house off, go to school etc.

Don't you ever just wish that you could go into the clouds with God and see what he sees.

Don't you wish that you can see who you are supposed to be with and why so that you can just link up with them so you can finally be happy.

Do you ever wish you can do the impossible like take all hurt and pain away to replace it with peace, unity, and love?

Do you ever wish you would have done things differently in a situation or with someone?

Do you wish you can go back in time to make that one decision that could have changed everything forever?

Don't you wish you could have spent more time with the ones we have lost?

Don't you wish that you could make others see how you think or what you feel without them judging you ?

Do you ever wish you could just go on vacation and get away from life for a second?

Do you ever wish that you can see the future so you can see who you will end up with if you'll have a family , cat, dog, if you'll be famous, in school, deceased?

Don't you ever wish that all of the things you can't see or all the things you don't know have instant answers to give you peace of mind?

I have a lot of wishes.

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