When I dream of you
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When I dream of you

When I dream of you

When I dream of you at night I feel like it is real. When I see your face in my dreams I can't help, but to smile, laugh, be happy seeing you again gives me chills.

Every night I pray I see your face, I do this time after time. I miss you dearly and so does the family we are what you left behind.

Not by choice, not your plan, I know you had to go. You were suffering from this ugly thing we call cancer, you were withering away each day very slow.

The heartbreak of hearing that there was nothing more that they could do. They were just trying to make you comfortable as you were resting in your bed.

The only way I see you is in my dreams and sometimes it isn't often enough. I remember you and the love we shared and to me you are more than enough.

Until the day we meet again I know I don't have you the way I want. So with prayers, hopes, and dreams, this is what I have to cling on.

I miss you each day, I think about you, and how I wish I had more time. I miss your hugs, voice, smile, touch, scent, it use to be all mine.

Now I just have memories and dreams to look forward to I always keep them in my heart. Nobody can replace you or tear our love apart.

The worst part about my dreams are knowing I will wake up knowing you won't be there. I like seeing you in my dreams because it gives me comfort that you are okay somewhere beyond here.

Iloveyou tata and Imissyou extremely.

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