What is life?
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What is life ?

What is life?

What does life even mean? Some think it is about the coolest things you have, the amount of money, what others think of you, and the presentation of how you are.

What is life? Some people think life is about having the perfect dream girl or guy, having that perfect family with the dog or cat, having everything perfect and everything is okay.

Some people thing life is supposed to be flawless without any aches, pains, struggles, heart breaks, and everything should just fall in line.

The truth is, life is whatever you make it. If you see life as being a rich person with that perfect family that will be your life. If you see your life as helping others and being a servant to others that will be your life. If you see life as being humble and kind that will be your life.

This life is yours. You only have one. It is very cliche to say, but once you die you never get the opportunity to live again. There maybe life after death, but don't leave this earth wondering the what ifs.

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