What if ?
What if ? pain stories

aalderete55 29yrs writing caged feelings
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What if ?

What if I would have listened to my heart all those years ago would I be the happiest girl ?

What if I would have just listened with my feelings and not all of the opinions would I have my dream job?

What if I had just moved, would it been one hell of an experience ?

What if I would have been me would I have been more confident and true to myself?

What if I would have said I love you first would I have lost all the ones who have left out of my life?

What if I would just danced with you would you have remembered that in your last moments?

What if I said I do? Would I be married or have a family already?

What if I worked on myself earlier and had support would I have gone through alcoholism ?

So many what ifs make me think if my life would be a little different and happier if I would have just followed my heart sooner.

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