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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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The smallest difference could have changed this life.

What could have been

Do you ever just wonder "damn if I would have done the slightest change my life would be different right now."

I think about it all the time.

Like in relationships. I think well if I was stronger and I would have left I never would have been abused.

Maybe if I saw my self-worth earlier I wouldn't have been co-dependent on people who never cared about me.

Maybe if I never would have filled out that job application I never would have got those jobs.

Maybe I may have never met those co-workers people.

If I didn't make all those decisions what would my life look like?

Would I be miserable?

Would I be happier?

Where would I be at in my life?

Would I be super stressed out like I am now?

Sometimes I know the changes I would have made back then. I just wonder what my life would look like now.

I can only imagine all of the what ifs.

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